The Defination Of Wellness As Per Principal Of Ayurveda - Health is a state of bio-physical and physiological well being and a contented state of consciousness, senses and mind. In Ayurveda terms, this would mean - a state of balanced doshas, agni (digestive fire), dhatus, transformation, formation and elimination of malas (waste); a clear content state of the soul, sense organs and the mind.

Ayurveda also understands the mind from the viewpoint of satva or a pure state, rajas or a pro-active state and tamas or an indolent state of the mind.Ayurveda believes that all diseases are psycho-somatic. What takes root in the mind affects the body also, and what takes root in the body affects the mind also.Ayurveda believes that if one is able to achieve a balanced state of satva, rajas and tamas with preponderance of satva, this would contribute significantly to wellness.

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