Ayurveda Medicines/Oils


Ayurveda Medicines/Oils

The medicines at Kensville primarily contain natural products. Ayurveda is closely linked with nature and believes that Mother Nature provides for all our needs. And hence we do not believe in anything synthetic; the products are all natural produced using herbs, shrubs and trees mostly growing in the wild. Where conservation measures are necessary, we rely on cultivated herbs. Hence we do not believe in using only the active principles; we believe in using a plant part in its entirety and thus depend on the synergistic effect of the entire plant or plant part rather than the isolated effect of an active principle. Hence Ayurveda medicines are mostly free from side effects. You can rest assured that the medicines at Kensville are prepared thus, under tight supervision, and with great care and love, to ensure that they only add to your healing effect.

The medicines at Kensville are primarily of the following types

  • kashayam or kvatha – herbal teas
  • choornam – herbal powders
  • ghritham – medicated ghees
  • lehyam – herbal jams
  • thailam – medicated oils
  • arishtam/asavam – naturally fermented preparations
  • gulika – medicated pills

Over 500 herbs (or parts of herbs) used alone or in combination go into the preparation of the over 300 medicinal products that are available at Kensville for use based on individual need as determined by the physicians.

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