Living Being In The Cosmos



Let us begin by giving a very simplistic explanation for the CONCEPT OF TREATMENT according to Ayurveda. Let us look at the living being as a big box primarily filled with space; the space being enclosed in various channels that flow through all parts of the body; having a continuous movement of nutrition carrying fluid to all parts of the box as also toxic fluid being brought back to the main channels; wherein dynamic metabolic activity is continually occurring within the body – within the smallest of smallest spaces leading to the creation of essence and waste; and finally the box itself having a few openings on its periphery to enable its interaction with the world outside – receiving essential (as and when the essence within the box falls below an optimal level) nutrition from the world outside; and releasing essential (as and when they build up to a level which is higher than can be accommodated within the box) toxins into the world outside. Further due to the presence of these peripheral openings, this living box is affected by the pulsations in the external universe, and hence based on the levels of ESSENCE & TOXINS within the box, it is protected/unprotected from the vagaries of the cosmos.

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