Ayurveda tells us that we should wake up with sunrise and commence our daily routine. Even as the sun mitigates the external darkness, one should commence the natural cleansing process starting with the physical and then moving internally. Do remember that Ayurveda is based on the understanding that what happens in the external world is also reflected on the human body.

The very first activity on waking up would be the cleansing of the bowels and the bladder. This is a natural cleansing process removing the impurities of the digestion of the previous day. After this, comes the cleansing of the sense organs
– namely the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. After the application of oil, one should proceed to do some exercise or vyayama. The bodily movement which is meant to produce firmness, stability and strength is known as vyayama or physical exercise; one should practise it in moderation.

At night, early to bed is important for two reasons. The first is obvious – in order to gain a sufficient amount of sleep, an early riser needs to retire early. In addition, sleep gained early in the night is more refreshing because kapha is the dominant dosha till about 10p.m. and hence if one retires before this hour one’s sleep will be more rested and relaxed since it is dominated by kapha’s qualities of heaviness and tranquility.

This is thus, the lifestyle advocated by Ayurveda in general. Based on place, climate, individual constitution and other factors, this can be adapted; the prime consideration shold always be to adopt a lifestyle which minimizes stress and disease and helps one to lead a high quality life.

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