From Dis-Ease To Ease


Now there are primarily three ways to remove this discomfort and restore the ease. The first is to increase the nourishment considerably by which the balance between the essence and the waste is gradually restored and the malfunctioning within the box is rectified leading to the expulsion of the increased wastes in course of time, and restoration of equilibrium. This is possible only if the distorted action of the increased wastes is within containable limits. Further this may be only a temporal solution.

If not, then the second option is to be applied which is the removal of the excess wastes forcibly from the box using the existing peripheral openings. Here processes are used wherein the wastes are forcibly brought from all parts of the box into the primary channels connecting to the peripheral openings and then thrown out of the box using hard hitting methods.

If this method is also not successful, it is only then that the third and most dangerous option is to be resorted to – which is cutting opening the box at the vulnerable point, and physically removing the waste and then suturing up the box once again. However as is well known, once any material is cut open and then re-sutured, the scar always remains and there is always a possibility that toxins or wastes again enter the box through this unnaturally created opening which does not otherwise have a role to play in maintaining the dynamic balance within the box.

The application of all these three options requires that the box be moved into a suitably CONDUCIVE ENVIRONMENT, and all activity within the box is totally focused on the removal of the excess toxins and RESTORATION OF HARMONY. To enable this, it may also be that the other normal activities occurring within the box are brought down to the minimal level at which it can continue to function so that the entire energy is concentrated on the repair process, till such a time when the box is back to normal and fully capable of taking care of itself.

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