Diet and wellness


Diet and wellness

The importance of food in the creation and maintenance of wellness is all too well known. What is not known however is the importance of creating and maintaining a diet that is suited to a particular individual based on the need of his body and mind instead of a generalised diet based primarily on the disease condition.

We must remember that it is not only the type and quantity of food that determines whether its intake is healthy or not; other factors like the strength of the digestive fire, quality of food , mode of processing, types of food that are processed together, types of food that are eaten together in the same meal, when the food is eaten, how the food is eaten, where the food is eaten, what is done after the meal is over etc. too play a very important role in making the food taken health or unhealthy.

One should normally take food that one is used to and “that which becomes one with the body from the habit of using for a long time and so gives comfort to the body”.

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