Day Treatments @ Kensville


Day Treatments @ Kensville Spa


Team Kensville is glad to announce the opening of "Ayurveda" at Kensville Golf & Country Club, Ahmedabad. This center will be managed by Punarnava Ayurveda, who run ‘Vaidyagrama’, the eco-friendly Ayurveda healing village on the outskirts of Coimbatore. This institution is renowned for its commitment to "authentic Ayurveda for universal well being" and we, at Kensville, are proud to tie up with this institution to introduce authentic Ayurveda to Ahmedabad.


Svedana or inducing of sweat by different methods like the steam chamber increases the digestive capacity, improves the texture and complexion of the skin, increases hunger, cleanses the pores, makes one alert, and improves the movements of the joints.

Pratimarsha Nasyam

The treatment where medicine is administered through the nostrils is termed as nasyam. Pratimarsha nasya is a type of nasyam which can be used daily ,using minimum quantity of medicine .It helps To keep the nasal mucosa moist ,prevent allergies, effective for diseases of paranasal sinuses . This is to drain out the excess mucus production generally seen in kapha dominant individuals.


Padabhyangam is the application oil with specific soft strokes bellow knee followed by feet .Traditionally Padabhyanga is a daily ritual, especially before retiring at night. It relaxes and strengthens the calf muscles , joints , and foot . Padabhyangam gives mental and physical relaxation . It also helps remove the fatigue of the foot after al long walk and enhances the sleep.

Ekanka Abhyangam

It is the localized application of prescribed medicated oil followed by a mild sudation . It is benificial to relieve mild skeletomuscular pains and spasm

Mukha Lepa

Mukha Lepa is one of the effective and scientific approach for the face care since traditions .The use of herbs, fruits and leaves by considering the dosha and skin type giving the ultimate care.Different combinations are used to cleanse, exfoliate, tone ,hydrate and rejuvenate the facial muscles and skin . Feeling of fresh, soft and glow are the presentation of a healthy skin which is the ultimate out come of mukha Lepa.


udvartana is the application of herbal powders in combination with oil or ghee. It reduces the fat and the aggravated kapha of the system, smoothes and cleanses the skin, and imparts firmness to the limbs.

Ekanka lepa

Ekanka lepa is the application of warm herbal with a thickness on the required area. This creates a mild heat on the skin as a result its medical properties perforate faster .This is effective to reduce inflammation and enhance superficial detoxification .


This is especially useful to reduce pain in specific areas like the lower back, the thighs, the head etc. Here a cloth piece is soaked in warm medicated oil and applied to the particular part which is in pain. It is repeatedly soaked from time to time during the duration of the treatment which lasts from 30-45 minutes.


Literal meaning of dinacharya is Daily Routine . Ayurveda explains different way to keep the body healthy .Dinacharya is one among them . Dinacharya is a procedure in which the medicines are applying in nose , mouth , ear , eyes and all over the body with different suitable ayurvedic combinations . It will help to maintain the health and strength of the body .Other than this it will cleans up sense organs there by improve the efficiency of the body .

Sarvanga Lepa

It is a combined process of exfoliation followed by a nourishing application all over the body . The total procedure will help to remove the dead tissues and to nourish the skin . It helps to maintain the healthy soft and glowing skin .

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